We presents new sets for April 2020


Welcome on our new website.

Due to the fact that our offer covers already more than a thousand products, and the previous page did not give the possibility of precise search, we decided to redesign our site.


Now searching for products will be much easier. Thanks to the menu on the right, you can easily find products in the scale, category or from the producer you want by choosing adequate filters.


Due to the huge amount of work that is required to catalog all the products, in the near future the site will be updated with further product galleries.

We hope that you’ll like the new layout and searching options.


Below you can find all the brand new, not yet published sets.


16 144

Tiger I, E Tunisia 501 abt.-...

35 K21

35 K21 Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.G (...

35 L-018n

German 105mm Barrel leFH 18 L/28...

35 L-149

125mm 2A46M-5/6 Barrel for Russian...

35 L-306

35 L-306 Barrels for...

WL 1x8

Limewood slats 1 x 8 x 245mm x 9 pcs.